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Chrysler Capital has changed their turn in policy that TIRE NAMES MUST MATCH!!! That is the most unreasonable rule ever. So here i paid $400 for 2 new tires and they are now charging me $500 because they don't match!? If this has happened to you, I am researching it there is a class action law suit filed if not I'll be doing whatever I can to get my money back an NOT have anyone else be taken advantage of. Chrysler did not even notify the...
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Chrysler Capital reps are so incompetent, loosing my account, loosing my inspections report, selling my lease car before taking pics or conducting an inspection report, billing me for extra charges. THis is HORRIBLE service!!! AWFUL experience. My experience is posted on all social media and consumer reports. By far the worst company at handling customer accounts. Chrysler Capital reps are so incompetent, loosing my account, loosing my...
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When I called to get the letter, they told me it was against their policy and just because it was on the agreement it didn't matter. It was only there in case they changed their policy? WHAT????? HOW IS THAT LEGAL??? My insurance company told me I was covered but Chrysler Capital still told me no! Completely crappy company. Not the first time I had a problem with them, but I am stuck with them for another year in my lease... Anyone else ever...
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  • How chrysler did not treat me like a valued customer
The last one and this current one are unfortunately through Chrysler Capital. Every other lease we have turned in has had no issues. We received a bill from Chrysler Capital for 700.00 for damages. The car we turned in was in great condition. They want to charge us 150.00 per tire for two tires, 350.00 for a small scratch, and 45.00 to glue a gear shift cap on. These charges are ridiculous. We have always received overage checks from our...
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we wre given a written and verbal price to buy out auto.payoff of 12,768.68 was paid on 4/22/2016.received from c.c. title 4/29/2016,with totalin writing,12,083.49 incl tax.obviously we show diff. of 685.after having legal friend look at contract ,sawpossible charge of 350 for right to purchase?still that leaves 335,which happens to be a payment.we never missed payment.last pymt. made 3/25/16 seems not to have been applied properly to...
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  • Link to chat they talk about
  • Runaround with payoff amounts