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Caveat Emptor — Let the buyer beware. Nearing the end of my wife’s lease term on her Grand Cherokee we agreed to a deal with the dealership to finance all remaining obligations on the leased vehicle on the purchase of a brand new loaded Overland.

All excess mileage, wear and tear, time left on the lease, all were added to the cost of the Overland for us to be able to walk away from the lease. This deal was agreed to the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Since then we have received correspondence from Chrysler Capital saying we still owe $1007.. and a different letter from CC stating we still owe over $4 grand on the lease.

We brought it to the attention of Mgmt at the dealership, and as of yet, have received zero response aside from we are looking into it. Maybe I’ll be wrong, and, if so, I’ll amend my review accordingly...but it sure feels like they are getting their here’s what happen story together to hook us for whatever CC (Chrysler Capital) says we owe. I’ll wait and add further comment when we are told something. But I’m guessing they will not stand by their signed agreed upon deal.

Update — the car dealer blames Chrysler Capital and Chrysler Capital blames the car dealer. Of course.. Filing a claim in small claims court Monday listing both as defendants. Just an awful experience for a customer that’s owned THREE jeeps financing thru Ccapital...

and has driven nothing but Jeep vehicles since 1994. never again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1399.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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