Nashville, Tennessee
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I agreed to pay get my truck reinstated in the amount of $1081.90 . I ask what next payment amount was i was $230 due on Nov.

27 i paid on Nov30,2018. Got a call today saying my account was past due 14 days. They stated there was a returned check that happened in Oct 2018 instead stated pay additional fees along with the $1081.90. They don't communicate with each other or their customers as of Nov 2018 i paid them $1081.90+$230 =$1331.90 .

They snowball you i kept my receipts and recent payment statement. Watch out they try to twist stories around to their benefit

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Keep your note paid up and you won't have to reinstate @#$#. Pay on the due date and not after and you'll be fine.

This is on you... Stop the crying...